Mythos Price List

I keep a Mythos Price list. The prices come from various sources (from the net) and they can be used as a reference for card changes, however I don't take any responsibility over my list. The list is mainly for my own good and Chaosium has had nothing to do with it. Get the list here. If you find that something is terribly wrong in the list mail me!

Abbreviations used in the list:

  • Fix: Fixed (Can be found in every package)
  • C: Common
  • U: Uncommon
  • R: Rare
  • P: Promotional
  • I: Investigator
  • Sta: Standard Game set
  • S: Limited edition starter
  • B1: Booster-1: Miskatonic University
  • B2: Booster-2: Cthulhu Rising
  • B3: Booster-3: Legends of the Necronomicon
  • D: Dreamlands
  • N: New Aeon
  • Low: The lowest price I've found for the card
  • Up: The highest price I've found for the card
  • Ave: The average of the two above

    Legal stuff:

    MYTHOS is published by Chaosium Inc., and is by Chaosium Inc. I suggest you to visit Chaosium to find out more of their great products.

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