Updated 2.9.2022


OYUS Judo is a Judo Club for staff and students of the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. OYUS Judo provides judo only for adults.

Training times 2021-2022

These training times are for fitness judo. The practices start on Monday 5th September 2022. Yellow belts and above can participate in these practice, regardless of how many years ago was the last time one has practiced judo. Training fee: see section "Training fee" below.

Monday 19:30-21:00
Wednesday 18:30-20:00
Friday 19:30-21:00

Beginners' course of judo 2022-2023

The beginners' course of judo is held in autumn term 2022 for staff and students of the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. This year's beginners' course starts on Monday 19th of September 2022 at 18 o'clock. You can enroll in via UniMove Oulu websites (unimoveoulu.fi), and a course fee might be required. Sweatpants and long-sleeved shirts are suitable in the beginning, and as the course goes on, we will arrange a group order for judo outfit, judogi. Training fee: see section "Training fee" below. We will practice barefoot, so feet must be washed before the practice and you walk with clean indoor shoes or slippers at the corridor. No jewelry or hard hair pins are allowed, long hair needs to be tied up, and nails need to be kept short. Training times are:

Monday 18:00-19:30
Friday 18:00-19:30

Usually at the end of the course, in the beginning of December, a belt exam is held and yellow belt will be granted to those who passed the exam. Yellow belts can then participate in fitness judo.

Training fee

Training fee for fitness judo consists from three parts: license for Finnish Judo Association (FJA); term fee for OYUS Judo club (10 Euros in 2022-2023 term); and sports fee of UniMove Oulu. The fees for beginners' course are: license for Finnish Judo Association (FJA); sports fee of UniMove Oulu; and course fee that UniMove Oulu might require. The new licence season starts on 1st September and ends on 31st August. The FJA's licence found and paid at Suomisport (https://info.suomisport.fi/), which is a online service provided by Finnish Olympic committee. The websites and their functions are provided in Finnish, English and Swedish. Suomisport also has a new mobile app! The following instructions are, however, for the web browser version.

1. Signing up for Suomisport
-> Go to https://info.suomisport.fi/en/ and change your language from the upper right corner if needed.
-> Choose LOG IN.
-> Request the login code to your phone or e-mail.
-> Use the one-use code you recieved in a response message.
-> Now you can create the account.
-- If help needed, choose the Help -button from the lower right corner of the front page.

2. Buying Licence for Finnish Judo association
Theese instructions contain the Finnish language counterparts, as the English versions were not available when creating theese instructions.

-> Log in to your Suomisport account.
-> Choose "Ostamaan" (go to buy) from section "Haluatko ostaa lisenssin tai vakuutuksen?" (do you want to buy a license or an insurance?).
-> Choose "Lisenssin/pelipassin tai vakuutuksellisen lisenssin/pelipassin" (license/gamepass or license/gamepass with incurance).
-> Choose "Itselleni: Oma Nimi" (for my self: Your Name).
-> Type and find "Judo".
-> Choose the licence product suitable for you. If you are not sure, contact us at judo ( at) student.oulu.fi or ask your senpai or sensei at the practice.
-> Choose the club you are training in: OYUS Judo, Oulu.
-> Pay your purchase. There are several options: Card pay (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard), electronic payment from (Finnish) bank accounts, Mobile pay.

Note: Some of the license products contain insurance for injuries, some don't. Some of them contain Finnish Judo Associations services such as competitions, educative courses etc. Some of them are for whole training season, some of the only for Autumn or Spring terms. If needed, consult your senpai or sensei at the trainings or send an email to judo ( at ) student.oulu.fi .

3. OYUS Judo membership
The memberships are also managed in Suomisport, and the club needs to maintain a list of members. To become a member of OYUS Judo you'll need an invitation link that will lead you to Suomisport where you can do the request to join. Easiest way to obtain the link is to subscribe to our mailing list, where we send the link a few times at the beginning of the Autumn term. Or you can send email to judo (at) student.oulu.fi at any point of the season and request the link. Even better if you could warn your senpai or sensei at the practice that you are going to send email, so that someone from the board will go and read it as soon as possible and you don't have to wait too long by mistake! Then the invitation link is sent to you by the admin and you'll recieve it as an email. The email includes also instructions in English regarding the link functions. After you have activated the link and sent the join request in Suomisport and paid the necessary fees, the club's admistrator will approve the request in Suomisport.

4. Paying term fee
The term fee (10 Euros in 2022-2023 term for fitness judo; not required for beginners' course participants) is asked to be payed directly to our club's bank account (bellow). If you can't do the transfer, ask someone in the practice to do it for you. The term fee is directed to OYUS Judo and we'll use it for your benefit: we'll provide first aid supplies such as ice packs and bandaids as well as sports tape at dojo, and maybe also snacks at club's annual meetings.

5. Sports fee
The sports fee can be bought and payed at UniMove Oulu's website (unimoveoulu.fi). The fee ensures that UniMove Oulu can continue to support us and sponsor our shifts in dojo.

a. Buy the licence for Finnish Judo Association in Suomisport website.
b. Ask the mebmership link.-> Use the link.
c. Pay the Term fee (10 Euros in 2022-2023) directly to our bank account (FI33 5741 3620 3417 57; receiver: OYUS Judo; message: Your Name and reason for the payment) or ask help from other judokas.
d. Pay the Sports fee at unimoveoulu.fi and show the receipt/electric fee-card to senpai or OYUS judo's secretary as proof.


Our dojo is located in Oulu swimminghall, the address is Pikkukankaantie 3, 90100 Oulu.Location on map.

When you enter the swimminghall, walk straight ahead and downstairs. Our dojo is the first door on the right and the dressing rooms are on the left. The lockers in the dressing rooms operate with 1 euro coin (just as a pawn to operate the lock, you'll get it back when you open the lock).

Contact with

For more information contact judo( at ) oulu.fi.