OYUS Judo is a Judo Club for staff and students of the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Training times 2019-2020

These training times are for fitness judo. The practices start on Monday 26th August. Yellow belts and above can participate in these practice, regardless of how many years ago was the last time one has practiced judo.

Monday 19:30-21:00
Wednesday 18:00-20:00
Friday 19:30-21:00

Training fee

Training fee is 83 euros (includes insurace) and it covers the training until end of August 2020.

How to pay the training/membership fee (unfortunately the system is currently in Finnish only):
1. Go to www.suomisport.fi and click "Sisään Suomisporttiin"
2. Write your phone number or email address to the box "Sähköpostiosoite tai puhelinnumero", the system sends you there a one time code. Sign in with the code.
3. If this is the first time you sign in, the system will ask you to fill your basic information (first name = etunimi; surname = sukunimi, social secure number = henkilötunnus etc.)
4. Your profile is ready and you can update your information anyt time you want.
5. To join the judo club, choose "Ostamaan" from the upper border of your profile front page and then choose "Itselleni: your name".
6. Then write to the appearing search bar ("Hae seuraasi") "OYUS Judo, Oulu". In the next phase choose the type of membership ("Seurajäsenyystyypit").
7. After this you will be escorted to pay the fee. After you pay the fee your membership is automatically valid.
8. Now you can see your membership listed at the front page of your profile. There you can also find the receipt of the payment.

For more information or help concerning the pay method, please contact our chairman judo( at ) oulu.fi. Most of the English-Finnish-English dictionarys know the basic words found in the application.

Beginners' course of judo 2019-2020

The beginners' course of judo is held in autumn term 2019 for staff and students of the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. This year's basic course starts on Monday 9th of September at 18 o'clock with a judo demonstration, after which you are welcome to stay to try out judo until 19:30 o'clock. You are welcome to join in the course untill Friday 27th of September. Sweatpants and long-sleeved shirts are suitable in the beginning, and as the course goes on, we will arrange a group order for judo outfit, judogi. Training fee is 83 euros and it includes insurance (see above). We will practice barefoot, so feet must be washed before the practice and you walk with clean indoor shoes or slippers at the corridor. No jewelry or hard hair pins are allowed, long hair needs to be tied up, and nails need to be kept short. Training times are:

Monday 18:00-19:30
Friday 18:00-19:30

Usually at the end of the course, in the beginning of December, a belt exam is held and yellow belt will be granted to those who passed the exam. Yellow belts can then participate in fitness judo. In the spring semester the basic course will continue as follow-up course in order to teach new yellow belts more judo techniques to make the landing to the fitness judo soft.


Our dojo is located in Oulu swimminghall, the address is Pikkukankaantie 3, 90100 Oulu.Location on map.

When you enter the swimminghall, walk straight ahead and downstairs. Our dojo is the first door on the right and the dressing rooms are on the left.

Contact with

For more information contact judo( at ) oulu.fi.