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* The beloved Discography maintained by Lazlo Nibble.
* by David J. Elfström
The Beloved, Ultimate Band List Card
* Jon Marsh, an article from Time Off Magazine


* Happiness CD cover (42k)
* Back side of the Happiness CD cover (49k)
* Conscience CD cover (28k)
* Marsh & Waddington grayscale picture (31k)
* Another grayscale picture of them (42k)
* Blissed Out CD cover (35k)
* Marsh & Waddington from Blissed Out (17k)
* A fish and some bubbles from Blissed Out (17k)
* Back side of Blissed Out (153k)
* An Extract of Celebrate Your Life 12" cover (40k)
* Outer Space Girl CD5 cover (20k)
* Sweet Harmony US CD5 cover (28k)
* Your Love Takes Me Higher CD5 cover (27k)
* Rock to the Rhythm of Love 12" cover (15k)
* Rock to the Rhythm of Love sticker (32k)
* X-travaganza flyer (78k)
* Australian Deliver Me cover (17k)
* Another picture from Australian Deliver Me single (12k)
* Signed X cover (34k)


* Happiness
* Sweet Harmony
* Outerspace girl
* X