The more order is created -The less information is needed

This curious fact can be read from Finnish Encyclopedia (Facta, 1970,'järjestys'p. 345)

But that's not so strange. Man can visualize it with following example.
Let's take 30 black balls and 30 white balls and let's mark them as 0 and 1 consequently.

When we look first ordered balls, we find
that we can define that situation by saying:
'30 blacks and 30 whites' or more shortly:
'30*0,30*1'. So we can describe the hole
order by only nine characters !

If we instead mix balls to disrordered set
then we see that we cannot describe the
situation by one sentence or two. We are
forced to spell the hole digit sequence
('0101011..101') 60 characters, if we
want receiver to get full description of it.

If You test those with data compression programs (pkzip,gzip) you'll come to the
same conclusion: Ordered sequence of bits squeezes to smaller space - it means that
its information content is smaller than unordered bit sequence.

2nd Law of Thermodynamics does not prevent increasing of order

2nd law of Thermodynamics says that in closed system total entropy cannot decrease
but only increase or keep the same. From this fact some people have got wrong illusion
that also inside the system local entropy should increase. They believe that increase
of order is possible only by spesific intelligent machine or for. ex. by genetic
machinery greated by Great Intelligent Designer.

These are wrong illusory concepts and can be proven wrong experimentally and easy.

These pictures of 'Ice flowers' You see
here are good evidence how order
can emerge nearly from emptiness.
And without teleonomic, human made
machines. These ice flowers, H2O
molecules crystallized themselves to
beautiful order, were born during snow
storm on the window of upstairs.
Steamy inner air was pushed through
window by wind during cold storm at
30-31 Jan 1998. On next morning it was
bright clear sky and I could save the order
onto photographic film.

You can ask that where was the information needed to that order ? According to example
in first paragraph order does not need much information. So we can conclude that
properties of H2O-molecules are only reason and explanation needed to explain
creation of order and crystals.

I can say that I did't have the information !
This order is morphologically analogical to order of biologic world. Old people of
our nation (Finland) have traditionally called that beauty 'ice flower's' and not by accicent.
You can call those also 'ice insects, 'ice mosquitoes' or 'ice angels'.

But isn't that kind of birth of order by itself in contradiction to 2nd law of thermodynamics.
Not at all. Window is not thermodynamically closed system but open. Energy and steam
flows through it. So local increase of order is possible and entropy can decrease locally.
According to 2nd law of thermodynamics total sum entropy of window and outside world
increases, but it does not prevent decrease of local entropy.

The local entropy decrease of that window is quite analogical with our earth's local
entropy decrease. Energy flows also through earth and as open system its local entropy
may decrease. We can say that crystals on window are same as biological creatures on
earth. H2O-molecules on window are like many kind of elements and substances on

Fig. Energy flow makes local order increase possible on window and on earth.

In the same way as physical and chemical properties of H2O are enough to
explain ice flowers on window, also physical and chemical properties of
elements are enough to explain biological flowers and biological order.
No spesific information giver is needed unless you mean properties of elements
as such. At least all order we observe is in harmony with natural laws.


Study of Chaos enlightens us more.
Chaos experts have shown us how even the most simpliest
equations or set of parameters can create quite complex
fractal figures , ferns etc. This shows us how even with small
information complex order can emerge. It also shows us that
DNA-information to describe feather or fern may be very
small. It does not need to be huge as some may think or claim.

Order emerged onto window after storm

Fig 3. Ice-flowers (after-sharpened scan of photo)

Order crystallized onto window

Fig 4. "Prehistoric Bison"

This article was written by K.A.Tikkanen with Netscape-editor on 20-25 May 1998 in Oulu. Updated 20 Jan 2004