1,3 and 4 based on Bible.

1. Geosentric earth creationist
    Association for Biblical Astronomy, Cleveland,Ohio,
    "Dr. G.D.Bouw, PhD in Astronomy, is now Prof. of Math and Computer 
    Science in Baldwin-Wallace College (doesnt necessary share his view's)"

2. Jayenda Shah 40-yr. 'jainal indian scientist and leader of planetarium' 
   Palitana West India, believes that earth is flat,
   denies that moon would reflect light of sun or that moon would cause tides.
   (hole planetarium build according to this belief)
    /Tieteen Kuvalehti 10/94, s.62/(Finnish popular science magazine)

3. ICR ( Institute for Creation Research),
   In publication ICR Impact No.253 -"GEOCENTRICITY AND CREATION"
   (1994) tries to show if not geocentrism true then at least claim it to
   be physically equal to heliocentrism !
    'In actual fact, as we have seen above, the current scientific 
   consensus is that "Today we cannot say that the Copernican theory
   [which Galileo held] is 'right' and the Ptolemaic theory [which the 
   theologians held] 'wrong' in any meaningful physical sense."'

4.  Marshall Hall has written book 'THE EARTH IS NOT
   MOVING; Over 400 years of deception exposed! The Bible told the
   truth all along.' (1997?) Hall says and shows that earth is not moving 
   just like Bible says.

5.  Tom Willis in Creation Science Association for Mid-America,
  Cleveland, Mo   claims that it cannot be said whether geocentrism or
  heliocentrism is true and
  "Now, what does the evidence say? In the last segment, we suggested that 
   all experiments to  demonstrate that the earth moves at all have failed.
   All seem to indicate the earth does not move at all."

6.   Timothy Wallace, thought not clearly geocentrist, has said
   "Knowledgeable men of science recognize that, while the geocentric
    view is no longer in use, it has not been ruled out by empirical 
    science. The simpler interpretation (heliocentricity) is now the
    prevailing view because of its simplicity--not because any empirical
    data has it to be correct  and/or the geocentric view to be false."
    and showed me also Bouw's webpage (1).

7.   Malcolm Bowden, in Bromley Kent (London), says Earth is not moving and
   believes on geocentrity (using also biblical arguments)

made by Mr. Kari A.Tikkanen