In Finnish

Do you have HTC Vive and would you like to participate in a game study?

My name is Oona Kivelä and I am a computer science and engineering student from the University of Oulu. I am currently doing my thesis about VR games. Research focuses on the motivation for playing VR games and VR games’ potential to be as an exercise form. I invite You to participate in this study!

Your task is to capture your motion data from one game session with HTC Vive, send it to me and answer a short survey. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to answer the survey. Answers will be analyzed anonymously.

By participating in this study, you help me to graduate in these difficult times, but you also get yourself a cool motion capture program and a motion data analyzer program for later use.

From the link, you can download the MotionInVR folder to your computer. The folder contains programs for capturing the motion data and analyzing it. More detailed instructions on how to use these programs are in the same folder, a file named “Instructions_English”.


1. Download MotionInVR to your computer.


2. Open your “Downloads” folder and move the MotionInVR to any location you want.

3. Right-click the MotionInVR folder and unzip by pressing “Extract all”.

4. Navigate into MotionInVR folder via command prompt (cmd).

5. Open the VR game from which you want to save the motion data. When you are ready to start playing, write in the command prompt “hellovr_opengl.exe > vroutput.csv” and press Enter.

6. Play 15-60 minutes.

7. After you have finished the game session stop the motion data capturing by closing hellovr window by pressing the x-button on the right upper corner.

8. Compress your vroutput.csv file. Right-click the file and choose “Send to” and then choose “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

9. Open the survey, upload compressed vroutput.csv file and answer the questions.


More instructions you find from the “Instructions_English” file inside the MotionInVR folder.

If you have some questions about the study, please contact me! Have a pleasant Spring and Summer!

Oona Kivelä