Reipas ryhmä

at SOOPA Easter hiking in Abisko 2007

Our group (Nic behind the camera)

Group members:
Aleksi Keskinen
Andreas Brodt
Riikka Sillanpää
Nic Ejsted
Eki Lehtimäki
Jaana Rantakari

Thu 5 April 2007 - Fri 6 April 2007
Mostly cloudy, windy

Our trip started from Tampere railway station at 3 pm. We survived to Oulu without bigger problems and there also Aleksi and Andreas joined us. Some pizza for hungry people. The bus trip had a great begin: one wheel left behind. So we waited for a new bus for about an hour. We slept and then unpacked and packed the busses. We slept a bit more and woke up in Abisko.

Case missing wheel

Because of high risk of avalance and closed road we changed our route plans for several times. Finally we anyway got to ski and the day went on well. We priorised skiing instead of having the lunch. During the day we met other SOOPA groups but luckily found a great place for overnighting. We had also running water. The day was fine but tireing and that’s why we wrote this diary the day after.

Catching the running water

We followed the wrong tracks for a while, but fortunately not long. Crossing the lake was hard because of strong wind. We also had hot dogs.

Sat 7 April 2007
Mostly sunshine, windy

All of us didn’t sleep the night so well but at least I (Jaana) did. We woke up about 8 o’clock but it took about three hours to get breakfast ready etc. (Note! We had porridge with apple jam.) The day was quite windy but the sun was shining more than yesterday. And the wind came behind of us so it didn’t really matter.

For lunch Nic teached us to make a fine shelter against the wind. So we could spend quite a long break before the rest of the ski. We didn’t really keep any more breaks before getting to our overnight place near river. We had "mexico gryta" for dinner and frozen orange for dessert. And now we’re almost sleeping and Jaana waitinf for midnight.

Shelter for lunch break

On the river we had to carry the skis for a while, the ice was too bumpy. Near our overnight place we had a hidden waterfall under the snow. Aleksi found digging nice activity.

Aleksi loves digging

Sun 8 April 2007
Sunshine, snow, partly windy

Down and up, up and down

On breakfast we had fruits with porridge. Jaana shared her Easter delicacies with others, nice! The morning skiing was nice. Some downhill. We climbed up the hill, we started going along side the hill and run to some snowlid, on top of which we almost were, yihes! So we climbed above it and went past it. Kind of dangerous but we survived. =)

For lunch we made a tent because it was so windy. Good idea! We ate e.g. Suutarinlohi and tortellini. During lunch aleksi lost his sleeping mattress, it went, bye bye, with the wind. We have to make new arrangements for the coming night.

Lunch in a tent (Aleksi still imageing about having his sleeping mattress in safe)

On dinner we found a perfect place. The toilet route was nice, with a downhill at the ens. The boys went jumping to snow bench, some fine videos were filmed. For dessert we had mämmi. Downhill activities with shovel were tested also.

Jumping activities

Mon 9 April 2007

What a beautiful moring! Sun was shining and absolutely no wind. Almost a t-shirt weather. We dried our sleeping bags in the sun and had a lazy morning.

We skied about 4km to Rengräde and had lunch. Then we left our equipment and climbed a couple tops. Riikka, Jaana and Nic aimed for top of 1447 meters nearby * and Eki, Aleksi and Andy climbed sidetop of Nissuntjårro, about 1640m, a bit further away. Weather remained calm and sunny the whole day. Climbing up Nissuntjårro took 3,5 hours. We carried skis most of the time. And skiing down took just 55 minutes. It would have been nice to go to the highest peak of Nissuntjårre - we were so close - but unfortunately there was no time. Since we were going to have pancakes after dinner and we did not want to miss them. Skiing down was fast and great fun.

On the smaller top

On the top

After sunset it got very cold very fast.

We had dinner outside but went into a tent to make some pancakes and popcorn. Making popcorn with a trangia inside a tent proved to be stupid and even dangerous.

* Pura up we went. We had made the snow way so we felt like real mounteneers. Climbing step by step with our skies. At the top we took some pictures and ate leipä ja Fazer :p The ass was used by the girls to get down. They went so fast that Jaana burned a hole in her pants. Nic slipped/skied down most of the way and had some nice telemark turns.

Tue 10 April 2007

We woke up to the sound of wind - yesterday calm weather was gone, sun was still trying to shine to us from between the clouds. Because of the wind morning went fast, no one was really talk active.

We skied through Lapporten - the gate of Lappland - wind in our back. Few kilometres went very fast. Then we continued down hill towards forest line. In the forest wind was gone - time for luch break. We also finished our song and har much fun. Then we continued the down hill on icy moottorikelkkareitti with quite a few falls - even Aleksi fell so... Eventually around six o’clock there it was: Abisko turist station. We had caribbean gryta with a lot of extra stuff (onions, mushrooms etc) - delicious! We sang many songs and played many games. Most fun was "Kuka on syönyt meidän kaikki banaanit?" even though no one knew how it should have end... You could feel that everyone was looking for a trip home next morning.

Abiskossa hiihtelen
Tahdon löytää reitin
eikä luista ollenkaan
Edessä on joki
suuri, leveä, vuolas joki
Sitä ei voi ylittää, sitä ei voi alittaa, sitä ei voi kiertää.
Täytyy mennä myöten.
Tämä on väärä joki
Äkkiä takaisin
suih, suih, suih

Abiskossa hiihtelen
Tahdon löytää reitin
Eikä luista ollenkaan
Edessä on lumilippa
suuri, pelottava lumilippa
Sitä ei voi ylittää, sitä ei voi alittaa, sitä ei voi kiertää.
Täytyy kiivetä ylemmäs.
Missä on mun makuualusta
Makuualustaa metsästän
Tahdon löytää omani
Tai viedä vähän paremman
Keneltä voi lainata
(Ei ainakaan multa!)

Telttapaikkaa metsästän
Tahdon löytää tasaisen
Eikä mitään liukumäkee
Selän alla on möykky
Suuri, jäinen, terävä möykky
Sitä ei voi tasoittaa
sitä ei voi väistää
Sitä ei voi lytistää(?)
Täytyy nukkua sen päällä
auts, auts, auts

Tunturissa hiihtelen
Tuuli painaa selkää
Tahdon päästä kottiin
Edessä on alamäki
Pitkä, jyrkkä, pelottava alamäki
Sitä ei voi ylittää, sitä ei voi alittaa, sitä ei voi kiertää.
Täytyy laskea alas.
suiiiiih, poks

Varokaa heikkoa jäätä, mmm!