SOOPA in English

SOOPA is the scout troop of the University of Oulu. We're interested in many kinds of outdoor, scouting and sports activities.

We've had many foreign people to join our trips, for example exchange students from Italy, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, Japan... and they've all survived! So if you're interested, don't hesitate to contact us and ask more. We try to keep some short basic information about the next events here on the web site (often we fail to do so in English).

There is also a mailing list of SOOPA (most messages include english summary)

If you want to know more about some specific event, just drop a line to the person who's mentioned after that happening.

New web pages

You can find the new web pages of SOOPA from here.
The same old e-mail list serves for our main information channel. You can find SOOPA also in facebook.

English Stories

Kaamos 2010 - an international group's report
Kaamos 2007 - Active I
Kaamos 2006 - Lederhosen (partly in English)
Easter 2005 - Cielo a pecorelle...
Kaamos 2005 - The International Holiday Group
Midsummer paddling 1997 (English summary in the end)
Team Balance's Easter hike1998
Kayak group's autumn hike

A German Story

Trip zum Halti


Some pictures, taken in the beginning of 2006
A few pictures of our activities in 2004

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